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Growing up in a family of engineers, problem-solving was a prerequisite. With my background, creativity and 30+ years experience in the industry, I have been instrumental in innovative problem-solving. 


Data and design need to deepen as the digital landscape continues to evolve. The ability to flex both my creative and analytical muscle is imperative in my design thinking. 


I believe design requires passion and obsessive attention to detail This is what I bring to the table and what sets my designs apart when implementing multi-channel marketing and branding initiatives. I'm a highly-driven professional and my work ethic is exceptional. I grasp new concepts with ease, stay abreast of the technology landscape and adept at creative solutions in all mediums.

• Experience Design

• Strategic Planning
• Multi-Channel Marketing & 
• Creative Direction
• Digital Media

• Event Planning & Management
• Research & Data Analysis

• Leadership, Mentoring & Team Development
• Customer & Client Relations
• Key Stakeholder Engagement
• Communications
• Budgeting & Contract Negotiations

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