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Growing up in a family of engineers, problem-solving was a prerequisite. With a unique background, infused with creativity and over 30 years of industry experience, I have played a pivotal role in driving innovative solutions. This diverse foundation has shaped my unique approach to problem-solving, enabling me to think outside the box and deliver exceptional results for clients and shareholders.
As the digital landscape continues to evolve, the depth of understanding in data and design becomes increasingly vital. Flexing both my creative and analytical muscles is imperative in my design thinking process, ensuring comprehensive and effective solutions. 
Passion and attention to detail serve as the guiding principles of my design philosophy. I firmly believe that design is more than just aesthetics; it is a fusion of creativity and precision. When implementing multi-channel marketing and branding initiatives, these qualities set my designs apart, creating impactful experiences that resonate with target audiences. With an unwavering work ethic and a drive for excellence, I consistently strive to push the boundaries of creativity, staying abreast of the latest technology trends and adeptly delivering innovative solutions across various mediums.

Strategic Planning
Branding and Positioning
Multi-Channel Marketing
Digital Marketing
Experience Design
Creative Strategy and Campaign Development
Event Planning and Management
Market Research and Data Analysis
Client Relationship Management
Key Stakeholder Engagement
Leadership and Team Development 
Budgeting and Contract Negotiations

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